X8 PSVR2 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Thirdverse

There’s no release date attached to X8 just yet, but the tactical five-versus-five shooter will launch on PSVR2 at some point in the future. While conceptually this doesn’t sound massively different to something like Firewall Ultra – you’ll compete in rounds-based skirmishes to plant and detonate a bomb – we’re quite drawn to the storyline.

The PS Blog explains: “A digital cataclysm of unknown origin has suddenly rebooted the worlds of various action games into nothingness. In the aftermath, heroes of these worlds are drawn together and forced to compete to try and obtain a game engine that’ll restore their home.”

Each character will have special abilities, which you’ll trigger using unique gestures with the PSVR2 Sense Controllers. The game will support full crossplay with other virtual reality headsets, so that should help keep the playerbase healthy.

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