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Image: Push Square

Sony bigwig Jim Ryan told an audience at the PlayStation Partner Awards a few days ago that Sony has resolved PS5’s stock shortages. His message, targeted at publishing partners, added that it will be able to deliver the new-gen console to “many customers in Japan and Asia” starting “this year-end shopping season and into 2023”. Supply has been more readily available worldwide of late, although we’re not sure we’d describe the situation as resolved – anecdotally, we’re still yet to actually see a system in a shop.

Nevertheless, Ryan sounds confident, and continued his speech with an apology: “We apologise for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Many fascinating titles were born in Japan and Asia in 2022, and I look forward to honouring them for their outstanding achievements today.”

While the PS5 got off to a record-breaking start, stock shortages mean it’s fallen behind the sales curve set by the PS4. The Japanese giant is confident it will catch up to and overtake its previous platform in 2023, but it’s going to need an enormous supply of hardware to achieve that. There are, of course, rumours of a revised model with a detachable disc drive arriving next year, and that may help improve its supply if accurate.

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