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GTA Online will be getting jacked with a new dose of story content next week, as the Los Santos Drug Wars descend on PS5 and PS4. Teased last week alongside a slew of gameplay improvements – including raytracing – the new content will see you travel to Blaine County to team up with Nervous Ron and “a new band of out-of-state misfits on a mission to put their stamp on the Los Santos psychedelics trade”.

While cooking up the finest hallucinogenics, you’ll have to fight off an “an unlikely coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers”. This is the first chapter of a two-part story update for GTA Online, which features a new business to operate, vehicles, missions, and much more. “And this is just the first dose,” Rockstar has teased. “Be prepared for lots more exciting events, including some jolly holiday hijinks, significant story and gameplay updates, and much more to come.”

Will you be staking a claim in the Los Santos drug trade?