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Los Santos will look lovelier than ever before later this month, as Rockstar adds raytraced reflections to the Fidelity Mode of Grand Theft Auto 5’s sumptuous PS5 remaster. This feature will be available across the single player campaign and multiplayer mode GTA Online, which is also getting a raft of quality of life improvements of its own.

Among the incoming tweaks are some player requested features, like the ability to filter contacts on your iFruit smartphone and receive purchased vehicles much quicker. In addition, Casino Story Missions will be available solo, as the juggernaut developer looks to make the uber-popular multiplayer mode more inviting overall.

The label is also rebalancing the release’s economy, and boosting the value of Shark Card purchases by 20-25 per cent, meaning you’ll be getting much more virtual bang for your real-life buck. And, later this month, a massive multi-part update will plot the return of “familiar faces and a new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits on a mission to expand the minds of the citizens of Los Santos”. More on that “very soon”.