As much as we enjoy the PS5 and PS4 games of today, we do often look through rose-tinted glasses at the PS2 days. If you grew up during that period, you’ll remember it was possible to wander into high street stores and find bargain bins filled with titles you’d never even heard of. Many of these weren’t great, but occasionally you’d find something scrappy with eye-catching artwork that you’d eventually fall in love with.

Wanted: Dead feels like a game from those bygone times – except it’s coming to the PS5 and PS4 on Valentine’s Day. As you can see from this trailer, there’s a lot going on: karaoke, toy capsule machines, and an entire arcade minigame – which, according to the publisher, will be released in full as a time-limited demo on the PS Store at some point. The core gameplay blends melee combat with third-person shooting, a little bit like spirited Nintendo Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third.

We don’t know about you, but this is on our wishlist.