Scrappy character action game Wanted: Dead will not launch on PS5 or PS4 until 14th February, 2023 – but it looks like there’ll be something to keep you occupied while you wait. In-game arcade minigame Space Runaway is launching as a free download on Sony’s new-gen console, although there’s no release date attached just yet. It’s already available on Steam.

“Space Runaway [is] a compelling journey through meteorites, enemy vessels, lasers, and humongous boss ships,” the press release reads. “This full-fledged arcade game will not only be an integral part of the Wanted: Dead experience, but it will be available as a free-to-play standalone until Wanted: Dead‘s launch.”

There’ll be seven stages in total, each ending with a boss fight and set to a chiptune soundtrack. Of course, if you miss out on the promo, it sounds like the minigame will be fully playable in the final release, too. “The zombie squad you will get to play in Wanted: Dead hangs out in an arcade joint in between relentless katana slaying sprees,” the announcement adds, alluding to the fact you’ll be able to set a high score in Space Runaway during your downtime.

Think of this like an oddball demo, then.