The Last of Us: Part II PS4

You'd best make sure you're sitting down for this one. Apparently, Naughty Dog is making The Last of Us: Part III right now. We know, it's hard to believe.

Sarcasm aside, a reliable insider has claimed the studio's head honcho, Neil Druckmann, is busy beavering away at the third entry in the celebrated series. ViewerAnon, who is credited with many movie- and video game-related leaks, posted the hot gossip on Twitter:

Apparently, Part III will be the studio's next major game following the arrival of the much-anticipated multiplayer outing, currently known as The Last of Us Factions. ViewerAnon also tells another user that a different studio is handling the Uncharted franchise.

News of a third Last of Us game isn't too big a surprise; Druckmann himself said the outline of its story had already been written, though it wasn't in production at that stage. If this rumour is to be believed, the developer has now begun work on Part III.

Many fans of the studio have been hoping for something new. We imagine there will be a team within Naughty Dog secretly working on new ideas, but it sounds like we'll be getting more from this smash hit series first.

Are you excited for a third Last of Us game to close a potential trilogy? Discuss in the comments section below.

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