PSVR2 PlayStation VR Sony 1

The original PSVR, impressive as it was, felt a little tacked on to the PS4 experience. There were many incongruences, the most notable being the exemption of HDR passthrough in the original breakout box – at a time when Sony was really promoting the emerging television technology. In fact, the existence of the breakout box itself was a demonstration of just how disconnected it felt to the core console, resulting in a spaghetti of cables that ultimately became miserable to manage.

PSVR2 will avoid that issue, as the headset has been built and designed in parallel with the PS5, according to Sony’s senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino. Speaking with Famitsu, he confirmed that while the headset was developed by a different team, they worked in parallel with the people responsible for the console to ensure a streamlined experience overall. That expands to the setup, which will require just a single cable running to the front of the new-gen machine.

“There is one USB-C port on the front of the PS5, but that was actually prepared in anticipation of connecting the PSVR2,” Nishino admitted, via Google Translate. “PSVR still had issues with the connection with the PS4 system, so in order to clean those things up, we designed it together with the PS5 from the beginning.”

It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to all the new technology packed into the headset itself, the PS5’s tentpole features are going to massively improve the immersion on PSVR2. Things like 3D audio and even the lightning fast loading times of the system’s SSD will all be leveraged by virtual reality games, heightening the experience on the headset itself. Pair all of that with haptic feedback, better motion tracking, and foveated rendering, and we’re in for a real treat!