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Sony has removed the invite requirement for PSVR2 pre-orders from its PS Direct storefront, meaning you’re now free to purchase a next-gen headset if you want one. Previously, the platform holder only allowed those who’d registered interest in the device to scoop it up, but that obligation has now been retired, and availability is open to everyone. Shipping estimates suggest if you pre-order now, you should receive the peripheral no later than a week after launch.

Some are suggesting this is evidence that the initial pre-order phase has been a flop, but without concrete information on how many units the Japanese giant intends to ship on day one, we’re not sure we agree. Interest in this accessory was always going to be softer than a new console launch, and we reckon the invite system has worked as intended: by allowing enthusiasts, not scalpers, to get dibs on the product. We’d expected general availability to follow.

As a reminder, if you do pre-order, you won’t need to pay until the item is shipped – but you may see a holding charge temporarily put on your account to ensure you have the requisite funds available. So, if you’re still interested in picking up a PSVR2 headset, you can do so through here.

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