PS Plus PlayStation Plus 1
Image: Push Square

If you’re subscribed to PS Plus Essential or PS Plus Extra, it’s been a pretty good year. While we have our criticisms of the flagship PS Plus Premium, the lower two rungs of Sony’s subscription service have been rock-solid. Perhaps the biggest criticism, then, has been the lack of day one releases – especially when you consider the offerings from other console manufacturers.

The Japanese giant has debuted the odd title at launch, it always has – but members want more of that. Well, the upcoming Divine Knockout is one new game that will be available day one with PS Plus Essential when the subscription’s software lineup rotates on 6th December. And, perhaps indicating that there’s more of exactly that to come, the firm has added a promo logo on its announcement banner to acknowledge the fact.

While it’s a fairly simple little symbol – and something that many of you may have glossed over – someone in the organisation’s graphic design team will have had to have created it. And while it doesn’t necessarily guarantee more day one releases, it certainly suggests more could be on the way – otherwise, why design the logo in the first place?

Look, we’re hesitant to read too much into what is, ultimately, a relatively minor thing – but we’ll be curious to see if Sony steps up the number of games that launch into its subscription as we enter 2023. In the firm’s latest financial results, it managed to increase revenue through memberships – but actually saw a small dip in concurrent subscribers. That’ll be a trend it’ll be eager to reverse.