WWE 2K22 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It’s taken a little time to get clarification, but a 2K Sports spokesperson has told us that PS Plus Extra subscribers will only be eligible to download the PS4 version of wrestling sim WWE 2K22 when it’s added to the service on the later date of 3rd January, 2023. The representative didn’t clarify why this is the case, but did mention that the title is “playable on both gens”. In this instance, if you do decide to play on PS5, you’ll effectively be using backwards compatibility.

When the game was only listed for PS4 on the PS Blog, we had pondered whether this could be an error, as the website does occasionally correct information post-publication. But in this case, it’s accurate: only the PS4 version will be available for members.

It’s worth mentioning that WWE 2K22 doesn’t have a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade, but 2K Sports does flog a cross-buy bundle which includes both versions of the game for £69.99/$79.99. The PS4 version that’s being given away here ordinarily costs £59.99/$59.99. There is also a free trial of the game available for PS Plus Premium members, but this is restricted to two hours of playtime.

So, it looks like you’re going to have to make do with backwards compatibility here – or, y’know, just not play the game at all.