The final batch of PS Plus Essential games for 2022 has arrived, providing you access to five PS5, PS4 games in one big drop. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the big addition, granting you access to remasters of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 along with all of their single player DLC. It's available to download now across Europe for current subscribers, with availability rolling out to the USA throughout the day.

The two other titles are Biomutant β€” the PS5 and PS4 versions are both on offer β€” along with the new release Divine Knockout. They join the list of All PS Plus Games today, and will be available to download until 2nd January 2023. As long as you remain an active member, you'll still be able to play them all as long as you redeem them on the PS Store.

In a recent Push Square Poll, the majority of you voted to say you're happy with this month's lineup of PS5, PS4 games. Only 10 per cent of you voted to say it's a "crap selection", which must be some kind of new record! Of course, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the title you're looking forward to playing most.