Yakuza 0 PS4

If you've ever had a passion for troubleshooting or a flair for fixing tech troubles, you might be interested in this new initiative from PlayStation. As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, the platform holder has begun sending out recruitment emails to some of its users, inviting them to help out their fellow gamers in exchange for cash.

Yes, Sony will pay you to answer support questions from other PlayStation users. "We’ve teamed up with the folks at Limitless to offer you the opportunity to put your PlayStation knowledge to the test, and get paid for supporting other players with their questions," reads the email. The opportunity is first-come, first-served, and should you be successful, you can start earning a little bit of money for your contributions.

Limitless is a business solution that allows brands to have their loyal users, who are arguably the most knowledgable, to engage with customer support. After registering with the Limitless phone app, you'll need to pass an assessment of some sort. If you're selected, you can answer support questions via this app, with up to $1.20 paid out for each query you resolve. New starters also get an upfront payment of $10. So, it's not major money, but if you know your stuff, you can make a quick buck helping Sony out with troubleshooting.

Between this and Sony prioritising consumers who are highly engaged with PS Stars, it does feel a little bit like the company isn't too bothered about support. Obviously it'll still be handling a lot of queries and complaints itself, of course.

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