Tin Hearts PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 Release Dates 1

Update: Wired Productions has denied to comment on potential PSVR2 support for puzzler Tin Hearts. The game will support virtual reality headsets on PC according to the game’s Steam page, and was also announced for the original PSVR on PS4 earlier in the year.

However, a spokesperson told us: “For Tin Hearts specifically the team are focused on making the best version for all the announced formats.” The game’s due out on PS5 and PS4 from 20th April, 2023.

Original Story: If ever there was a way to resurrect the iconic gameplay loop of Lemmings, this is it! In the charming Tin Hearts, you’ll lead a group of toy soldiers through a magical, miniature world, using all manner of gadgets and gizmos to reach your goal. The full game will feature 40 different “soldier routing riddles”, as you “bounce, shoot, and glide” them to their destination.

This is being made by a bunch of ex-Fable developers, so expect a whimsical vibe. Interestingly, it will also support virtual reality, but we’re still trying to get confirmation of whether it will be compatible with PSVR2 – we’ll update when we know. Either way, the game’s due out on 20th April, with music composed by Bridgerton’s Matthew Chastney. Looks good!

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