The Tale of Onogoro PS5 PSVR2 Announcement 1

Last Labyrinth developer Amata K.K has returned with another virtual reality experience, which has already earned rave reviews on platforms such as Steam and Meta Quest. The game, named The Tale of Onogoro, is billed as “Portal meets Shadow of the Colossus” by the developer, in which you work together alongside an AI character to solve puzzles and defeat giant mythical creatures, named Kami. Oh, and it’s coming to PSVR2 on launch day, 22nd February.

As you share health with your virtual accomplice, you’ll need to work together – and in a clear nod to ICO, you can even hold hands to heal. “Infusing traditional Japanese culture with steampunk elements, The Tale of Onogoro promises a unique world full of riddles and powerful battles,” the PS Blog teases.

As we mentioned previously, this one has earned rave reviews on other platforms, and the PSVR2 port is likely to end up the definitive version.