Arcade Paradise, the unorthodox tycoon minigame compilation mash-up from Nosebleed Interactive, already has roughly 35 original arcade cabinets inside it. But a collaboration between the Newcastle-based developer and Hello There Games has culminated in the release of the title’s first licensed in-game cabinet: Kung Fury: Street Rage.

Inspired by the viral short film starring David Hasselhoff, the cabinet will cost just £2.49/$2.99 to add to your game. And this is quite a meaty addition: you can pick from four different characters, where you’ll fight endless waves of enemies in this 80s-inspired arcade homage. As DLC for Arcade Paradise, there’ll be new goals and objectives to complete.

In a way, it is weird that this is launching within Arcade Paradise, as it’s already available natively on the PS Store (we even reviewed it!). But if you’ve already been transforming your local laundromat into the ultimate gaming haven, then adding this cabinet to your collection is going to be pretty much essential, right? It’s due out on 12th January, 2023 as DLC.