The Game Awards 2022 1
Image: Push Square

The Game Awards proved more eventful than ever last night – and not just because of World Premiere trailers for Death Stranding 2 and Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. After Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge’s victory speech for Best Performance appeared to meander for an eternity, the show seemed to go off without a hitch, segueing effortlessly between genuinely engaging trailers and award winners. Until right at the very end, a stage invader interrupted FromSoftware’s acceptance of Game of the Year.

The individual appeared to wander on stage alongside Hidetaka Miyazaki and other members of the Elden Ring team, and could clearly be seen in the background during the delivery of the studio’s victory speech. As the auteur wrapped up, music sounded signalling the end of the show, before the stage invader reclaimed the microphone: “I want to nominate this award to my Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton,” he said. As the camera cut back to host Geoff Keighley, he was clearly furious – although resisted the urge to comment directly on what had just happened.

Moments after the conclusion of the event, Keighley confirmed that the person had been arrested, but didn’t share any further details. It marked a curious ending to an otherwise excellent event. Ultimately, The Game Awards will need to reconsider its security for next year, as while the outcome could have been much worse in this instance, it obviously can’t have strangers walking up on stage.