The Game Awards Poll

That's another set of awards and announcements over with, so it's time to share what you thought of The Game Awards for 2022. Geoff Keighley had some mixed messaging going into the show, hyping it up in places but downplaying some announcements elsewhere. Still, the show itself seemed to deliver.

The big reveals went to Death Stranding 2 and Judas while Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon was a surprise. In other news, we also got confirmed release dates for Final Fantasy XVI, Diablo IV, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as part of gameplay trailers. 2023 now only looks even crazier in terms of releases.

So, now it is time for you to have your say. Place a vote in the poll and then expand on your thoughts in the comments below. For All The Game Awards 2022 Winners and more information on What Was Announced at The Game Awards 2022, click the links.

How would you rate The Game Awards 2022?