PS Plus PlayStation Plus 1

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the bad: so, as expected, a number of the PS1 games released as part of the new PS Plus Premium plan in Europe overnight are the inferior, 50Hz PAL versions. The good news is that Sony has heard your complaints and is actually doing something about it.

“We’re planning to roll out NTSC options for a majority of classic games offered on the PS Plus Premium and Deluxe plan in Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand regions,” a statement from the firm said. Obviously, Japan and North America are excluded because they already got the NTSC editions.

Now while it’s obviously fair to criticise Sony for launching like this to begin with, we have to give the company credit for pledging a solution. There’s no roadmap for when the NTSC options will become available, but ultimately we’re happy to hear the platform holder is not half-arsing this and appears to be committed to improvements. Good news!

If you’re wondering which PS1 games you can play as part of Sony’s new subscription push, refer to our All PS Plus Games guide through the link.