Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5

One of the only first-party PlayStation games currently announced is Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the next instalment in the beloved superhero action series. We've heard next to nothing about the project in over a year, though Insomniac Games has reassured fans it's still on track for 2023. So, when are we going to learn more? Potentially very soon indeed, if we're reading things right.

The game is set to feature Venom as a primary antagonist, voiced by Tony Todd, the actor best known for his titular role in Candyman. The performer is pretty active on social media, and recently expressed his excitement about some impending news:

This tweet has Spidey fans all aflutter, assuming the tweet is suggesting we're finally getting an update on the PS5 action adventure tomorrow, 29th November 2022. While that's not explicitly stated in his initial tweet, Todd retweeted this response from a follower about an hour later:

This two-hit combo certainly points towards potential news relating to Marvel's Spider-Man 2, though we'd suggest not getting too excited. Sony has been extremely tight-lipped about its upcoming suite of software, to the point where we've gone more than a whole year without a proper showcase. It seems like unusual timing, but then, the company seems to be marching to its own beat these days, so who knows. Basically, this could still be anything — perhaps an announcement that the game will show up during The Game Awards?

We'll find out soon enough, in any case. Are you hoping to see more from Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Zip into the comments section below.