PS5 Explore Page 1

PS5 users across the USA are beginning to notice their Explore page on the console's home screen is being dramatically updated with new information and tabs. Instead of a stream of readily available PlayStation Blog posts, the page details what your friends are doing along with an overall Trophy level that reveals how close you are to the next rank.

If you scroll down the tab more, you'll find news posts from games you've followed as well as official "From PlayStation" articles that play PSVR2 trailers and detail the God of War Ragnarok limited edition controller, for example. Below that are videos from various PS5, PS4 titles that have been captured and uploaded by the community.

The update doesn't appear to have rolled out to every PS5 user in the USA; rather, players appear to be gaining access in fits and starts randomly. Unfortunately, the feature has been exclusive to the US region since the console's release back in November 2020 — it isn't available anywhere else. Instead, there's an Official News tab in the Game Base that acts as an Activity Card.

Should Sony finally decide to launch it worldwide, then the much-updated page feels like a step closer to regaining the information the PS4 system's What's New page displayed. It would show what your friends are up to, displaying the games they've played and the Trophies they've earnt, in a neat timeline. Sony's decision to do away with the feature is one of the criticisms many people have with the PS5 UI.

Have you gotten the updated PS5 Explore page yet? Share what information your tab has on it in the comments below.