Like a nightmarish biophage monstrosity creeping up under cover of darkness, the release of the anticipated Dead Space-like survival horror The Callisto Protocol draws near. Today we got a spooky live-action TV spot to get those hype juices flowing ahead of launch on 2nd December.

On Callisto, Jupiter's second-largest moon, players will inhabit the steel-tipped boots of protagonist Jacob Lee, a pilot who crash-landed while transporting a mysterious cargo. Thrown into the notoriously brutal Black Iron Prison, a maximum security facility for the worst criminals in the solar system, Lee will be forced to confront the cruel experiments and abominable monstrosities the authoritarian United Jupiter Company has been cooking up in secret.

In other recent Callisto Protocol news, there was a slight kerfuffle regarding death animations in the game being packaged as DLC. We also got a look at what is required to unlock the game's Platinum Trophy.

Are you looking forward to the release of The Callisto Protocol? Will you be picking this one up on day one, or will you take a wait-and-see approach? Fight for survival in the comments section below.