The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

The Callisto Protocol is almost here to whisk away players to a horrifying, off-planet prison full of terrible monsters. Yay! As the game is just over a week out from release, it's about time those gore-splattered Trophies showed up. Lo and behold, the full list is now ready for perusal over on Exophase.

The Trophy list looks like a pretty straightforward one. If you're brave enough to shoot for this game's Platinum gong, it shouldn't give you too much trouble. In addition to the usual campaign progression Trophies, however, there are many related to combat, asking you to pull off certain moves on certain enemies.

For example, you'll need to grab 25 enemies with the GRP (the game's gravity gun, basically), bring an enemy to you and finish them with a melee combo, and kill 10 enemies with environmental hazards. You'll also need to remove both arms of a living enemy, perfect dodge five times, and stab five blind enemies in the back. In other words, you'll need to use all tools at Jacob's disposal if you want that shiny Plat.

What might give players the most trouble, though, is a difficulty-related Trophy. Yes, you'll need to play through the game on Maximum Security difficulty, which we can only assume is the toughest. Check out the full list through here if you're interested.

Will you be going for the Plat in The Callisto Protocol? Look out behind you in the comments section below.