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Sonic Frontiers is out now and in the wild, and our own thoughts on the matter are that the game itself is great but has a few rough edges, primarily technical. Critical consensus has hardly been uniform, and the director of the title, Morio Kishimoto, doesn't seem to consider Frontiers a finished product, recognising that the game is "not quite there yet".

In a Tweet posted on Friday and picked up on by VGC, Kishimoto accepted feedback from the community, stating that "we are checking out the opinions of the critics and players. As you have pointed out, there are still areas where we are not quite there yet, and we will take this seriously like a global playtest.”

We don't want to read too deeply into that global playtest comment, as translations from Japanese regarding specific terms can be fluid, but the general tone of the Tweet is quite clear. It sounds like players can expect some fairly substantial patches over the coming weeks and months in order better to align the experience with the creator's intended vision. If you are thinking about diving into Frontiers, be sure to check this cool prologue animation featuring Knuckles, which sets the scene for the game.

Did you pick up Sonic Frontiers? What do you think of it so far? Run rings around the competition in the comments section below.

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