Knuckles says he prefers to work alone, which is quite funny given the whole "and Knuckles" thing. Anyway, this six-minute animated short has just been published, showing what happens to the tough-guy echidna prior to the events of upcoming game, Sonic Frontiers.

As it turns out, Knuckles is just doing his daily beat of Angel Island, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. He finds a mysterious gear and some strange, decrepit contraption, puts them together, and winds up on Starfall Islands, the setting of the new title. After fending off some strange robots, Knuckles is captured and held in Cyber Space.

Knuckles will be one of the characters you'll need to rescue as you explore the islands, with Tails and Amy also in trouble. Sonic Frontiers is only a week away at this point, so fans don't have much longer to wait. Are you excited for the game? What do you think of this prologue animation? Punch the ground so hard it splits in the comments section below.

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