PS Store Shovelware Spam
Image: Push Square

For a while now, the PS Store has been awash with dozens of cheap, reskinned "games". Produced solely to make a quick buck by offering easy Trophies in exchange for pennies, these titles have become a bit of a problem on the platform's storefront. They drown out more meaningful new software by popping up on a weekly basis, in some cases. Now, according to one report, it seems Sony might finally be putting its foot down.

Gaming site Dex.exe claims an anonymous source has sent it proof of policy changes from Sony that will stamp out, or at least reduce, the appearance of games like The Jumping Quesadilla Turbo, Caravan Journey, and Stroke The Tortoise.

According to the report, which includes a screenshot of a letter sent out to developers, Sony will be implementing a number of extra steps to deter or eliminate the release of spam and copy-paste software. Games falling under Sony's definitions of this practice could be subject to various actions, such as:

  • Restricted discoverability
  • Only able to be found via direct link
  • Delisted from PS Store
  • Content refused publication
  • Developer account suspension or termination

There are more measures, but these are pretty much the crux of it. If this letter is legitimate (and it looks it), studios making these games may not get very far in future.

The platform holder did make efforts to prevent these games from encroaching on certain feeds and allow more deserving titles to be put in the spotlight. However, with this brand of shovelware still releasing nearly every day, it appears Sony might be taking a firmer stance. We've asked PlayStation for comment on this.

Bearing in mind this isn't official just yet, what do you think of this? Would you like to see Sony use a heavier hand on PS Store's spam problem? Let us know in the comments section below.