Press X for Trophies PS5 PS4 1

Sony has a big problem on its hands, and it’s not clear how it’s going to solve it. While previous oddities like My Name Is Mayo and Mr Massagy were “fun” Platinum novelties, the PS Store is now getting absolutely overrun by small developers who’ve all cottoned on to the same thing: easy Trophies attached to low effort titles means big profits.

We’ve seen an absolute avalanche of shovelware these past few months, many of which are asset swaps of the exact same game built around the idea of awarding a Platinum in a minute or less. But now, developers aren’t even trying to hide it: Press X for Trophies is a new “game”, officially announced, and with a product listing on the PS Store right now.

While you can’t buy it just yet – no release date is mentioned – the product description almost makes a mockery of the platform holder’s plaza: “Games are often made to be challenging, well at least they used to be. These days things are a little easier. Press X for Trophies is a game made to help spread the word of how things should change and how the world of gaming is changing. It's slightly ironic, and the story is told through its Trophy system.”

So it seems this developer has made a parody of the declining quality of the content on the PS Store – or, at least, that’s what we’re inferring from the description. Sony has removed games like this before – the infamous 1,000 Top Rated got booted from the storefront, only to be repackaged as Slyde a little later – but we’re not entirely convinced the company has a case anymore when it’s letting titles like Xump Jump and The Jumping Noodles run riot.