The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has been announced as another PSVR2 launch game after its new PS Store listing revealed a release date of 22nd February 2023. The title costs £32.99/$39.99, and pre-ordering nets you goodies such as a golden gun and a bobblehead for your cart. It joins the likes of Horizon Call of the Mountain and nine other games launching on the same day as Sony's next-gen headset.

As the follow-up to PSVR experience Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, you'll once again be following a set path aboard a train cart and shooting whatever pops out at you. The track this time is set across four different scenarios: a ghost ship, a battle against witches in 17th-century New England, the desert where vampires lurk below the surface, and finally the World's Fair Hotel. The latter heavily inspired the recent release The Devil in Me.

PSVR2 eye tracking, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and headset rumble will all be supported features along with a 4K HDR resolution. "It’s your own personal nightmare where each track has multiple terrifying paths. No two runs will be the same, but each will test your reactions in this multi-sensory VR horror experience."

You can view the list of All PSVR2 Launch Games so far through the link, with more expected to be confirmed between now and release in February. Will you pick up Switchback VR on launch day? Hit the tracks in the comments below.

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