PS5 Push Square
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Sony confirmed in its Q2 fiscal year 2022 results that it has now shipped 25 million PS5 consoles as of 30th September 2022. Shipments covering the previous quarter reached 3.3 million, which matches the same period of Sony's previous fiscal year. That brings this year's total to 5.7 million consoles shipped, but with Sony targeting 18 million shipments by the end of the fiscal year, things will need to pick up considerably across the final two quarters to meet that goal.

Despite shipments falling well short of its projections, Sony still appears confident of hitting its 18 million target by May 2023. It said 6.5 million PS5 consoles were produced during the Q2 quarter.

Elsewhere, combined sales of PS5 and PS4 software are down by roughly 14 million compared to the same period during the last fiscal year, with 62.5 million units sold to consumers during the latest three-month window. Profit recorded by Sony's Game & Network Services division also decreased by 49 per cent over the quarter, which it attributes to an increase in game development and the cost of studio acquisitions. Sony completed the purchase of Bungie during this period. The division has now lowered its yearly forecast by 12 per cent due to lower-than-expected sales of third-party titles.