Last month’s PS Plus Premium update lacked any kind of logic, and Sony has once again proven it has no idea what it’s doing with its most expensive subscription tier. Members podding out for the top option will be “treated” to several PS3 era Ratchet & Clank titles starting 15th November, available via cloud streaming only – while those who paid for PS Plus Deluxe will get diddly-squat.

The real head-scratcher, however, is the inclusion of several remastered Kingdom Hearts titles in the PS Plus Extra category. While this is obviously great news for those subscribed to that particular tier, Sony has restricted PS4 remasters, like Yakuza 3 Remastered, to PS Plus Premium in the past, on the basis that they’re classic games. Of course, this isn’t the first time its bypassed its own extremely flawed logic, as last month’s GTA Vice City Definitive Edition – itself also a remaster – was added to PS Plus Extra and not PS Plus Premium.

Confused? So are we! To make matters worse, PS Plus Premium is, frankly, beginning to look like a bit of a scam, with no new emulated additions yet again in November. While we know Sony believes this tier exists specifically for cloud streaming, it’s clear the majority of fans signed up for retro games. And while the price ultimately isn’t much higher than the excellent PS Plus Extra, the flow of PS1 and PSP games has slowed to an abrupt and intensely disappointing halt.

The platform holder had months to get these new subscription services in shape, and while we are largely very satisfied with PS Plus Extra, the top tier is beginning to leave us with a bad taste.