PS Plus

In a new interview with MCV, indie specialist Shuhei Yoshida has described the transition of taking Sony's PS Now game list and adapting it for PS Plus Extra as trying to create a "best of" collection. Rather than carrying over every single title included in the now-defunct service, the firm wanted to put together a list "of high-quality games from indies to AAAs" of around 100.

Yoshida said: "When we transitioned from the old PS Plus to new PS Plus, we looked at the whole catalogue of games that were included in PS Now, and we didn’t just move these games to PS Plus Extra, we completely revisited the list and tried to create the 'Best of' collection of high quality games from indies to AAAs. So I believe over 100 high quality games are available in the PS Plus Extra Tier now." He then notes PlayStation's internal teams are always looking to add to and refresh the lineup of high quality titles in question.

In recent months, Sony has been under fire from PS Plus Premium members for "recycling" PS5, PS4 games it already included in PS Now for PS Plus updates. For example, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and all the Sly Cooper games were part of PS Now, but have only been added back into the service for the most expensive tier across the past few updates.

Do you think Sony took the right approach with PS Plus Extra, or should it have ported the entire catalogue over? Have your say in the comments below.