Sony just doesn't like to keep things simple, does it? First it launches revamped a PS Plus service complete with a Last Chance to Play section and expiry dates attached to game listings. Then we report those have been removed, and now they've made a comeback just days later. GTA: Vice City - Definitive Edition has now been updated with an expiry date of 21st February 2023.

The two screenshots below compare the listing before and after the update, revealing new text detailing when the "offer ends". This gives us the date the PS5, PS4 remaster will be removed from PS Plus Extra.

Another twist to the story, though, is that Rez Infinite has disappeared from the Last Chance to Play section. There less than 48 hours ago — as we first reported — the screen displaying games leaving the service soon on PS5 is now empty. Whether the PS4 title was there by mistake or it has purposefully been removed, we don't know. Either way, we recommend playing it sooner rather than later just to be safe if it's in your backlog.

Today will also see the announcement of November 2022's PS Plus Essential lineup, which has already leaked. You will most likely be getting Nioh 2, LEGO Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies. Since they're heading for the base PS Plus tier, though, we already know their expiry dates in early December.

Join us next week when the "Download" function in PS Plus won't work, or patches aren't pulled. Something just rather silly, you know!