No Man's Sky PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 1

No Man’s Sky’s free next-gen virtual reality update will join the growing list of PSVR2 launch games in February 2023. was able to get confirmation out of developer Hello Games, after an updated trailer description erroneously mentioned that the patch would be available from “February 2022”. The typo has since been rectified, and the Guildford developer has admitted it’s targeting the launch day of Sony’s new headset.

Obviously, the ever-growing intergalactic adventure is already playable with the existing PSVR headset, but the PSVR2 version will bring improved controls and visual fidelity, as the team aims to “take the sense of immersion and believability up by several major notches”. It’ll join titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Cities VR: Enhanced Edition from 22nd February.

Personally, we’re really excited for this. The original No Man’s Sky was already breath-taking on the previous PSVR headset, so it’s almost hard to imagine just how stunning some of the release’s planets are going to look in high resolution, with the power of the PS5 rendering them. Will you be adding this to your launch day wishlist? Explore the deepest depths of space in the comments section below.