Mass Effect Teaser

We might have forgotten that today is N7 Day ā€” the date on which everything Mass Effect is celebrated ā€” but BioWare hasn't! The developer has posted what seems to be a very, very, very small teaser for the next Mass Effect on social media. The 25-second clip shows some kind of space station (which sort of resembles an under-construction mass relay) in orbit over a dusty-looking planet.

There's bound to be more to this ā€” of course there is ā€” and we're sure that super fans will figure it out almost immediately. In the meantime, though, BioWare has put together a full N7 Day blog, packed with words from key staff members and community-driven content.

The next Mass Effect is still a long way off, and so a teaser doesn't mean a whole lot at this point - but it's still nice to see BioWare giving us a cheeky little reminder that it's in the works.

What are your hopes and dreams for the next full Mass Effect title?