Next Mass Effect Development

The next Mass Effect game was announced back in December 2020, but we've seen nothing of it since that initial teaser trailer (aside from some vague concept art). We've always assumed that the new instalment is years away from release — and wording in BioWare's latest blog post backs that up.

The article confirms that the next Mass Effect is "now early in development", which doesn't exactly tell us much, but suggests that the game is indeed a long way off. Of course, it's not the only title that the developer has in the oven; the next Dragon Age — commonly referred to as Dragon Age 4 — is thought to be much further along in production, but we're yet to really see that project in action either.

BioWare's last update on its development cycles dropped in January, when it reassured fans that it was "hard at work" on both of the aforementioned games. Hopefully we get some more significant updates in the relatively near future.

What are your hopes and dreams for the next Mass Effect? Decide that it's time to replay Mass Effect Legendary Edition in the comments section below.