With the PS Vita approaching its tenth anniversary, author Sandeep Rai has launched a Kickstarter for a 400-page book documenting the entire history of the now-discontinued device. Vita Means Life – which was targeting a goal of £6,000 but has already surpassed £15,000 at the time of writing – promises to “take a look back at the events that shaped the fortunes of the format, from its well-received announcement to its rocky launch” and everything afterwards.

The novel, which is a hardback compilation of three books Rai has written before, has been expanded with “new material” detailing more recent events. The final product will be split into four sections, spanning the history of the hardware, interviews, retrospectives, and a comprehensive library listing every PS Vita game ever released in Western territories.

If you’d like to back it, then you can pay £27 for a physical and digital copy, with a release date pegged for April next year. There are some stretch goals, including an enhanced e-book and a collector’s handbook, the latter of which will be delivered alongside all purchases should the project cross £30,000. You can find out more information through here, but with the Kickstarter already over £15,000 with 29 days to go, we can probably already chalk this one up as a rousing success.

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