PS5 Switch Japan Sales

Regular readers will know all too well that we don't tend to cover Japanese sales charts these days because Nintendo is just so utterly dominant that it barely counts as PlayStation-related news. But today, things are different.

The latest Japanese hardware charts are in, and, shockingly, the PS5 actually managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch last week. Not by much, but it did happen.

Famitsu has the PS5 at 38,866 units, while the Switch moved 38,634 units. Again, we're talking a marginal victory here — but a victory for Sony all the same.

So how is this possible? Well, as we've seen elsewhere in the world, a huge increase to PS5 stock has bolstered sales numbers across the board — and it'll be a similar story in Japan.

That's not to say that Sony's current-gen console will top the Switch every week from this point on, however. There's speculation that Switch stock has declined in recent times, as Nintendo stockpiles its hardware in preparation for the launch of the new Pokémon games. It's hard to say how much truth there is to these claims, though.

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Thanks Elijah for the tip!