PS5 Sales UK
Image: Push Square

The PS5 has now topped 2 million sales in the UK, in just under two years of being on the market. This makes it the fourth fastest selling console of all time in the region, topped only by the PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Wii, with the latter holding the crown.

As is always the case with PS5 sales data, you can't help but wonder how well the current-gen device could have done, had it not been for the supply issues that have plagued Sony since day one. As recently reported, PS5 stock numbers are really starting to hit their stride, with 2023 pegged as a huge year for the console.

In this case, more stock will inevitably mean more sales, as demand has constantly outstripped supply since the PS5's launch in November 2020. Next year's data should make for some very interesting reading, as long as Sony is able to maintain current trends.

Still, being the fourth fastest selling console ever in the UK is quite an achievement given the circumstances, and for Sony, it'll be a promising indication of what's possible once it has enough stock to go around.

As speculated, the PS5's reasonably hefty price tag seems to have had no effect on sales. Dorian Bloch of market research organisation GfK sums it up (as per Games Industry): "One thing that is clear, the significantly higher price of PS5 has not hindered sales, with consumers willing to pay the £105 premium that is shown on the average price of both consoles over this 2m unit period. PS5 has delivered the highest revenue for any console at two million units."

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