As The Callisto Protocol creeps ever closer to its 2nd December release date, the waiting becomes ever more difficult to bear. Thankfully, the third instalment of the Mastering Horror docuseries is here to help lighten the load, if only for a little while.

Helplessness and humanity are the focus of this episode, and luminaries from the horror world, like Robert Kirkman (of The Walking Dead fame), discuss why hope is essential to creating effective scares. Without hope, the audience cannot become invested in the danger depicted, and the line between creating a helpless situation and a hopeless one is fine indeed.

If you haven't already and can't get enough of The Callisto Protocol, be sure to check out the first two episodes of the Master Horror docuseries, the first is concerned with depictions of brutality, and the second concerns itself with creating effective tension and atmosphere.

On a scale from zero to xenomorph, how excited are you for The Callisto Protocol? Hold onto hope in the comments section below.