The upcoming survival horror epic The Callisto Protocol is looking to scare the pants off of players, and by golly gosh, it looks like it just might, with its disgusting enemies, violent brutality, and atmosphere of pervasive dread.

Atmosphere and tension are the subjects of the second episode of the Master Horror docuseries put out by Striking Distance Studios, which features appearances from luminaries like Robert Kirkman of The Walking dead fame, and other notables of the genre. Suspense is crucial to building tension in the player, and the developers analyse how pacing is used to keep you on the edge of your seat and, when used effectively, how to make you jump out of it.

Which horror games are the best at building tension? Which has the most oppressive sense of atmosphere? Will you be able to play this one alone, with all the lights turned out? Put on a brave face in the comments section below.