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Another Overwatch 2 character has been pulled from the game due to bugs, marking the third such instance since the game launched last month. This time it's the frost queen Mei who is causing all the trouble, with her Ice Wall ability allowing players to access areas Blizzard doesn't want them to.

It will only be a short sojourn, as the character is expected to be reintroduced in the next patch, currently slated for 15th November.

In a clip shared by Redditor Ravnuslock, you can see the way in which the ability allows players, when working together, to get outside of the map and damage enemies whilst remaining impervious themselves. Obviously, this is a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to permit in a competitive multiplayer game like Overwatch 2.

Sorry to all the Mei stans out there; it looks like you will just have to play as Genji or something. You can never have enough Genji players, after all. What do you think of Mei's removal and this Ice Wall glitch? Stay frosty in the comments section below.

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