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Oh, to be a fly on the wall over at Blizzard today. Mere hours after Overwatch 2 heroes Bastion and Torbjörn were pulled from the game due to bugs in their ability kits, the free-to-play hero shooter was hit with another DDoS attack, the third in the past week. The attack came after the game had gone down for an hour of emergency maintenance, adding insult to injury.

It remains to be seen how long Bastion and Torbjörn will be in forced retirement (Torbjörn is still available in Quick Play, but Bastion is entirely unavailable). This latest DDoS attack, at least, seems to be over now. Blizzard warned players to expect high latency and disconnections, but mercifully, servers only seem to have been affected for about half an hour.

It's been a rocky launch for Overwatch 2, with massive congestion and that first DDoS assault resulting in obscenely long queue times on launch day. Things were better over the weekend, and we were able to enjoy a few matches ourselves. It is a real shame because Overwatch 2 is quite fun, if a bit overly familiar, once you are able to get in.

In other Activision-Blizzard news, it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is going to require your phone number in order to play, which is amazing, considering how well that same idea turned out last week.

Have you been enjoying Overwatch 2? What has your experience been like so far? Take shelter in the comforting warmth of the comments section below.

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