In some ways, Forspoken looks like the successor to inFAMOUS we’ll probably never get. That’s particularly apparent in this all-new trailer, which offers a deep-dive into the Square Enix console exclusive’s magic abilities. It’s deeper than you may expect: in addition different coloured powers, Frey can also initiate a variety of unique attacks with them, ranging from offensive through to defensive and even traversal.

It looks like there’s a lot to dig into here, as the protagonist is shown performing moves that span everything from summoning small swords through to dropping bombs behind her. If the combat encounters are well designed and the game controls well, then this could be a really exciting cocktail for some explosive gauntlets – and, if nothing else, the special effects are spectacular throughout. Just look at all that glitter!

How are you feeling about Forspoken now we get closer to the game’s 24th January, 2023 release date? Set off some fireworks in the comments section below.