Final Fantasy 16 PS5

Square Enix plans to announce the PS5 release date for Final Fantasy XVI at some point this year, game producer Naoki Yoshida has said. In an interview with Famitsu, Yoshida is asked whether a concrete date will be confirmed beyond the "Summer 2023" window, to which he says: "We plan to release the information again later this year, so I think we can say it at that time. I don't think it's going to be over the summer, so I think it's okay (laughs)."

Elsewhere in the piece, Final Fantasy XVI is described as "about 95 per cent" complete. The team is said to be playing through the JRPG "day by day", tweaking and improving elements as it goes. "Anyway, the scale of the game is large, so debugging takes a lot of time. Almost all programmers are fiddling with code to fix bugs," Yoshida adds.

Given the fact a Final Fantasy XVI release date announcement is a big deal, the obvious destination for the reveal would be The Game Awards in early December. Unless Sony has a surprise State of Play livestream up its sleeve — or Square Enix decides to share the news on its own — then it looks like Geoff Keighley is the man to turn to. The latest info drop we received was a four-minute trailer full of characters and world-building, with confirmation development is in the "home stretch".