Devastating environmental survival game Endling: Extinction is Forever is now available on PS5, and it comes with the usual suite of additions, including 4K resolution, 60fps and DualSense support in the form of haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and controller audio. PS4 owners can upgrade to the PS5 version of the game free of charge.

If you didn't know, Endling is an incredibly emotional exploration of the damage we humans inflict on the environment, experienced through the eyes of an animal on the edge of extinction. You play as a mother fox desperately attempting to survive as the walls of progress and pollution close in around her, doing whatever it takes to secure enough food to see her adorable brood of kits through another day.

Released earlier in the year, Endling is one of the more effective games we have played, and while it might get overlooked with the more high-profile releases dominating the closing months of 2022, it is well worth playing in its own right.

Did you get a chance to play Endling: Extinction is Forever this year? Will you pick it up on PS5? Remember to correctly sort your recycling in the comments section below.