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  • Guide God of War Ragnarok: Is It Good on PS4?

    Hands-on impressions of the last-gen version

    What's God of War Ragnarok like on PS4? Sony revived God of War on PS4 with the excellent 2018 release, and now, the sequel is about to become one of the last first-party titles on the last-gen console. God of War Ragnarok is one of several cross-gen releases from the platform holder, tapping into the...

  • Rumour Diablo 4 Unleashes Hell in April 2023

    Getting hot in here

    Diablo 4 will target an April 2023 release date, according to fresh rumours from XboxEra, which have been backed up by Windows Central. Officially, the action RPG is on track for an entirely vague 2023 launch. Given that the game's closed beta test is currently ongoing, a full release in the first half of next year does make...

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