The Witcher Remake

CD Projekt Red has revealed that it's actually remaking the first The Witcher game, and it'll be built "from the ground up" in Unreal Engine 5. This is the true identity of the company's previously announced 'Canis Majoris' project.

CDPR stresses that the suitably titled The Witcher Remake is still early in development, and the game's being spearheaded by fellow Polish studio Fool's Theory. It'll probably be a while until we see anything of it, then, but it's potentially exciting news for fans of the series.

Fool's Theory, by the way, specialises in RPGs — and some of its senior employees worked on The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3. As such, the project should be in good hands.

For context, The Witcher originally released in 2007, but it never made its way to PlayStation consoles. Right now, no platforms have been confirmed for the remake, but we imagine that it'll be targeting current-gen machines.

The Witcher's rough by today's standards, even though its character writing and branching quest design still stand strong. A remake has long been requested by fans, and now it's finally happening.

Are you familiar with the first The Witcher? Would you be up for a remake? Start sharpening your swords in the comments section below.