The Witcher Games

Good lord, CD Projekt Red is going all-in today, isn't it? The Polish developer has revealed that two new games set in The Witcher universe are happening β€” and that's alongside the next mainline The Witcher title that was announced a little while ago. Unlike that project, these additional games will not be developed in-house by CDPR.

The first, codenamed Project Sirius, is being crafted by The Molasses Flood, a US studio. It's described as "an innovated take on The Witcher universe telling an unforgettable story for existing Witcher fans and new audiences."

Meanwhile, the second game is codenamed Project Canis Majoris. It's confirmed to be an "open world RPG set in The Witcher universe". It's being developed by a third-party outfit made up of "ex-Witcher veterans". Interesting.

That's a lot of Witcher β€” especially when that aforementioned next mainline entry is meant to kickstart a whole new trilogy. Jeez!

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