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The Callisto Protocol is looking to be a gory good time for horror fans when it launches in December, and like it just might scratch that survival-horror itch that we all get from time to time. In a new interview with MP1 via EDGE, Striking Distance Studios bigwig Glen Schofield discusses the length of the game and how alternate routes to its conclusion add replay value.

On the matter of playtime, Schofield mentions that The Callisto Protocol is "trending towards 12 to 14 hours" and that so-called "beta paths" during the game's later acts will add replay value beyond simply allowing players an opportunity to grind for materials, noting "they came later in the game, but some of them are so freaking cool. And we don’t tell you where they are or how many they are. But if you really explore, it may be longer."

Schofield hopes that these beta paths will "encourage conversations between players who took different routes to finish”. Well, colour us intrigued!

What do you think of The Callisto Protocol's stated game length? The original Dead Space was 13ish hours long for the main story and some optional content (according to HowLongtoBeat), so it seems about right to us. Let us know in the comments section below.

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