Remember that mysterious tease for The Callisto Protocol we brought you earlier this week? Well, it looks like it was a lead-up to The Truth of Black Iron story trailer, which gives us our best look yet at this awesome-looking survival horror gore fest.

You play as Jacob Lee, an inmate in the notorious Black Iron Prison, which is located on Jupiter's dead moon, Callisto. After a mysterious outbreak of monstrous nightmares overruns the facility, Jacob will need to fight tooth and nail to survive and maybe, just maybe, unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the powerful United Jupiter Company.

We can't get much more excited for The Callisto Protocol at this point, as our bodies were only designed to contain so much hype. Its 2nd December release date can't come soon enough. What did you think of this latest look at The Callisto Protocol? What drives sci-fi megacorporations to such dastardly ends? Let us know in the comments section below.